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The Law Office of Jamie S. Adler is a workers’ compensation law firm focused on the representation of injured workers throughout the state of California.  If you were injured at work, no one will fight harder for you to get all the medical treatment and monetary benefits that you deserve.

Injuries at the workplace are common and workers often suffer greatly as a result.  Injuries can happen on any given day - like a slip and fall, or they can develop over time, like lower back pain or carpal tunnel syndrome.  Trying to get the medical attention and monetary compensation you are entitled to can be extremely difficult, especially if you face the workers’ compensation system and insurance company alone.


Mr. Adler has experience litigating workers’ compensation cases involving virtually every injury to every body part you can think of, all throughout California.  He started in Workers' Compensation as a defense attorney working for the insurance companies.  He knows how they operate, litigate, and negotiate, and now uses that experience to his client's advantage.  He will deal with the insurance company for you so you can focus on getting the medical attention you need, the money you deserve, and on getting back to work as quickly as possible.

If you were injured on the job or have a permanent disability that may be work related, let us help you get you the most benefits possible under the law.  Contact the Law Office of Jamie S. Adler today at 310-567-7993


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"Yo contrate a Mr Jamie Adler para que me alludara cuando tuve un acidente en el trabajo el se dedico y fue agresivamente en Segurar que mi caso estuviera resuelto. El logro que yo agarrara todo lo necesario para mi salud medica, Y el Dinero por mi lesiones que tuve en el trabajo. Yo lo recomiendo a Este abogado grandemente! Si usted se lastimo en el trabajo. Mr.Jamie es tu abogado! El es el abogado indicado." - Isabella F.

"Jamie is stellar!  He is thorough and will answer all

questions.  I am happy to have had him on my team.  We got the job done fairly swiftly  Jamie is highly recommended for anyone who needs a Workers Comp attorney." - Rifka L

I definitely give a 5 star rating to Jamie for consistently staying in touch and getting things done very quickly!!!

Jamie helped me every step of the way, he was awesome.  Explained everything perfectly, made sure I was taken care of:  I appreciate him!  If need be, definitely will be the first person I go to.  Also will be referring him to my friends/family." - Julie Guiza

"Mr. Adler helped me turn my life around after my work injury.  He was always very responsive and got me the medical treatment I needed quickly!  Now I can get back to making a living.  Thank you Mr. Adler" - Aaron T. 

"Great Lawyer that keeps you up to date through every step of the process.  Jamie cares about people and you can really tell that he wants to help.  GREAT experience overall!" - Joshua A

"Highly recommended and professional.  Made it so easy to understand everything and took the tie to explain everything I didn't understand.  100% reach out if you need help.  Thanks again for everything! - Steve M

"Mr. Adler made my case really easy for me and fought to get me medical treatment when the insurance company was trying to deny me.  When my treatment was done, I got a lump sum settlement that Mr. Adler negotiated for me.  I cannot thank Mr. Adler enough!  I would not have been able to do this by myself." - Juliet H.

"So far, all aces" - Shane B

"Wow just wow!!! I was injured on the job, thrown out, treated like crap and left with a destroyed left arm...I contacted Mr. Adler...all I can say is im so glad I did...Jamie not only delivered he delivered everyting and more.  He is extremely intelligent, knowledgeable of the workers comp law and saw my case through...I wish i could give you more than 5 stars bc you earned it.  If you are looking for the best representaton well look no more you found him, Jamie S. Adler is your guy!!!!! - Jay A

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